Arrival & Check-in
  • Transportaion available and ready for you all the stay period since arrival at Hurghada airport until Departure time.
  • Be sure to check with your doctor's office about where to go for your procedure. Although you may be going to the "usual place," you may be directed to a location that’s new to you.

Checking in

Follow your doctor’s instructions about where to check in. You may always check in at the main admitting desk if you are not sure where else to go.

The check-in process will take about 15 minutes. You will speak with a Patient Access representative who will:

  • Review your insurance information
  • Check your photo ID
  • if necessary Collect co-pay or deductible
  • Patient medication List


Complete regulatory forms (Terms and Conditions of Service and Privacy Notice)For your protection, we may ask the same questions at each visit to ensure our records are accurate.

Ortho Spine & Sport Clinic (OSSC) requires a completed and signed Authorization Forum for Release of your Health Information form before releasing any documents to anyone, including the patient. In certain cases, a patient's physician, psychologist or social worker may also be required to approve a request made using a release form.