Health is a real concern for so many people today. When your life changes because of a health problem, whether yours or in someone close to you, it can be a stressfull and overwhelming experience.

Consultant Care: With orthopedic and spine consultant  who treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education for all ages and all sexes. We have particular skills in treating people with special requirements.

Medical Consultancy

Dr. Mohamed Kilany

Orthopedic & Spine Surgery Consultant

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Goals of Medical Consultancy 

1-Prevent, Protect and Preserve Quality Of Life and Health by Gentle, Safe and Individualized Care and Treatment of patients.

2-It is Your Commitment to yourself.

3-keep on your Investment that Saves Money, Saves Time, Saves Health and even Saves Life.

Our Experience Shows; We have been able to provide exceptional quality of life saving and life enhancing treatment to our patient in Egypt and our patient abroad.

4-We provide care and treatment to control the medical problems, prevent complications and retard the progression of disease with effort to partial reversal of the damage and disease process.

Our focus is to keep our patients in healthy active life, prevent expensive and long hospitalization and provide best quality of life with safe medical treatment using best of available medicines determined after research for each patient using our service.

We expect from you unconditional faith, trust, confidence and co-operation for best results.

What we offer is unique and a good value for the money and is sure to save life, money, expensive hospital stay and treatment.

Why Use Our Consultancy Services?

1- Do you wish you have prompt and competent medical help?

2- At your home when you need it?

3-Which may lead to prompt diagnosis and treatment?

4-Save you bigger problems, bigger expenses and stay in a Hospital?

5-Do you value Quality of Life, Peace of Mind and Good Health?

6-Do you appreciate sound advice that service your health interest from the service whose only focus is your care at your place when you need?

Medical Services and Consultants (MSC):

Ortho Spine & Sport Clinic (OSSC) is the Medical Service Provider that truly addresses the  needs of ALL Educated, Alert and Informed PEOPLE looking for Right and Effective Medical Care with  individual attention.

We can provide the needed individualized, customized and focused medical care  based on expertise, experience and profound understanding.

Your Medical Problems need the Time and Skills Of Experienced Professional


7-Are you a wishfull thinker and procrastinator who waits and defers medical care till the moment of emergency?

8-Are you the only earning member of your family with many long term responsibilities?

9-Are you the one who don't have medical insurance and even if you have ?

10-Do you value your life, love your health, and care for your children?

11- Are you the one who loves to live in Health and enjoy life in good health?

" If your answer to ALL these questions is YES, then you need our service available and even online." Help is one phone call/one messege away.

Our Strategy, Priority and Belief: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine . for help don't hesitate to contact us.


who spends time, connects to your problem and applies time taking diagnosis for your case. Focused on the required investigation NOT long list of Laboratory and Technology based Tests that always BENEFIT the provider, NOT YOU, the receiver.