Preparing for your Surgery
Our procedures have been designed to make your surgery as safe, comfortable, and convenient as possible.
Guest Services
The Guest Services staff is available to assist you in any way. They serve as advocates for patients and their families; act as friends and guides; provide personal services and direct patients and families to hospital and community resources.
Before Your Surgery
We will call you the evening before surgery, to confirm your arrival time and surgery start time.
Eating and Drinking before Surgery
Please follow these eating and drinking instructions before surgery:
  • Clear liquids like water, clear juice, sports drinks, clear tea, and black coffee, may be consumed until:
  • 4 hours before any ambulatory surgeries
  • 6 hours before any other surgeries
  • Do not drink milk-containing products, alcoholic beverages or drinks with pulp or solids of any kind.
  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. You can take needed morning medications with sips of water as directed.
  • Refrain from smoking after midnight and on the day of your surgery.
Day of Surgery
Please bring the following with you:
  • Health insurance card
  • Valid Passport 
  • X-rays or other medical documentation requested by your surgeon
  • Personal medication card
  • Any forms from your surgeon's office
What to bring ?
Arriving for your surgery
You will be asked to arrive approximately two hours before your scheduled surgery so you and your care team have adequate time to get you ready for surgery. We will make every effort to begin your surgery at the scheduled time.
Safe Surgery Guidelines - before Surgery
The staff will ask you to identify yourself, the procedure and the site of the procedure. This information will be compared with your armband, your surgical consent, and the operating room schedule.
Please note that throughout your surgical experience, our staff will practice hand hygiene to prevent infection.
Surgical consent form:
The surgical consent you reviewed and signed with your surgeon will be reviewed and checked for all necessary information including:
  • Full name
  • Name of your surgeon
  • Name of the procedure
  • Site of the procedure
  • Signatures, date, and time
After Surgery
After surgery you will be taken to Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) immediately after surgery. You will stay there until you are awake, your vital signs are stable, and you have satisfactory pain management.
Safe Surgery Guidelines
When the surgery is over, the surgical team verbally reviews information on another checklist. This list includes details of your post-surgical condition and recovery plans. This is done before you leave the operating room.
Admission in the Hospital
If you are to be admitted to the hospital, you will be transported to the patient care unit when your room is ready. Your family and friends will be given directions to your assigned room where they can visit with you.
Going Home
When you are to be discharged home after surgery, you will be taken to the Phase II area in PACU where you will change into your own clothes. A family member or friend will then be able to join you and a nurse will provide verbal and written home care instructions.
We will also give you the contact numbers for any questions or concerns that arise once you are home. We welcome and encourage your questions before you are discharged.